Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support & Advocacy

Crisis & Outreach Support for BME Survivors

We provide a unique advocacy service for victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Our culturally competent and professional multi-lingual service has been developed to meet the needs of survivors at all levels of risk, from crisis to long-term recovery. We have developed our services in a holistic way to meet the specific and often extensive needs of BME women and children survivors providing a range of holistic activities and support opportunities. Unlike other IDVA or outreach domestic and sexual abuse services we are able to offer longer term support for women survivors, which for BME women who face multiple barriers can often be life saving as well as life changing.

Our service helps BME survivors to move from crisis through to independence through:

  • Flexible and culturally competent and multilingual interventions
  • Information, practical, non legal representation and general emotional support
  • Developing and implementing safety support plans
  • Access to safe accommodation
  • Advocacy and support in navigating multi-agency framework: police, courts, children’s social care, legal services, housing, refuges

In providing a unique approach to holistic survivor recovery, the Angelou Centre’s domestic and sexual abuse services are informed by BME survivors and service users, ensuring that our professional interagency practice is equally informed by survivor experience. Whilst addressing the perpetration of violence through a ‘cultural lens’ the Angelou Centre works from a women centric perspective, observing any types of abuse as part of a spectrum of violence against women and girls and a violation of human rights.

We provide an IDVA/Crisis Outreach and domestic and sexual abuse advocacy service that includes support with: FGM, Forced Marriage, so called ‘honour based violence’, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Domestic Violence, Domestic Slavery/Servitude, the impact of interfamily (sometimes called cousin or kinship marriage) abuse & community control.