Simba Project

Simba GroupThe SIMBA therapeutic project addresses the unmet needs of BME children survivors of domestic violence in the North East by providing a range of activities that enhance the social and emotional development of children survivors and reduces the impact of violence and abuse. The project supports children and young people who have witnessed or been a part of a family or community in which domestic and sexual violence and abuse has taken place. The Simba Project also provides; individual and multi-agency advocacy support, social and cultural group sessions for children and young people, arts based activities and recreational trip & therapeutic support

The Simba Project aims to:

  • Address the impact of violence and abuse on children and young people’s social, emotional, physical and educational development
  • To provide a range of play and arts based activities that enhance and facilitate the positive and holistic development of children and young people
  • Provide a safe, encouraging, happy environment for all children regardless of age, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity
  • To safeguard and support the protection of children and young people
  • Listen, value & respect all children and young people

Through the project we promote the representation, rights and voice of black and minority ethnic children survivors and ensure agencies and organisations who work with young survivors recognise that black and minority ethnic survivors face multiple barriers. We also work with statutory and voluntary organisations in order to further progress the safety and potential of young survivors and promote that the views of BME children survivors are consulted and listened to in the planning and delivery of services. We work with children who have uncertain immigration status, no recourse to funds, children and young people in foster care or who are looked after.

For further information or a referral into our services please contact: or contact 0191 226 0394.