The Mama & Binti Project

mamabinit2FLAT-3 mammabintipostcard1FLAT-3The Mama & Binti Project (mother and daughter project) is increasing knowledge about FGM within and across communities throughout Tyne and Wear and the North East, by raising awareness of FGM and supporting BME women’s and young women’s groups as well as individuals who may have been subject or be at possible risk of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

The project has been set up as a community and women centric project, with a focus on community engagement and safe spaces for women and girls to be able to further discuss and seek support around FGM issues. The project will also raise awareness about FGM at both community and strategic level; consulting with women and girls, training FGM community champions, awareness raising through Mama & Binti social events and developing and strengthening a network around the project.

The Mama & Binti Project provides intercultural community activities, awareness raising events and training for professionals about FGM.

For further information please contact or telephone 0191 226 0394.